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The main document confirming the right of the work of the medical center is the License of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for the conduct of economic activity in medical practice in the field of therapeutic stomatology, stomatology, orthopedic stomatology, surgical stomatology, orthodontics, radiology; on the specialty of junior specialist with medical education: nursing. The main activity of the clinic is to provide high-tech treatment and diagnosis of diseases, which is a territory of high-quality European dental care. The motto and priority of the work of the specialists of the clinic is an individual approach to solving the problem of each client, using exclusively the newest and proven methods of stomatological services.
The clinic staff systematically hold courses for raising qualifications, providing the opportunity to work with the latest materials, designs and techniques, to get the effect not only of high quality, but also painless treatments.
One of the main activities of the dental office is work X-ray cabinet, which is executed using ionizing sources Radiation (hereinafter - IR), with intraoral imaging.
Intraoral radiography - the most common type of obtaining X-ray images. With X-rays you can get the most detailed information, and the dentist can recognize caries, check the condition of the root of the tooth and the surrounding bone, which breaks out tooth, and also to monitor the general condition of the teeth and jaw bone.
The necessity of using IRS in modern medicine is substantiated by the fact that radiation diagnostics remains one of the leading methods, which enables to obtain the most complete and reliable information in the minimal terms.